Q&A with Eustace's Anthony Mariani


Monday, December 17, 2007

Each week, Courier-Post staff writer Kevin Callahan has a Q&A session with a high school athlete. This week's subject is Bishop Eustace senior ice hockey player Anthony Mariani.

Question: Are hockey players the coolest athletes in school?

Answer: We are, but some would say we are second to football players.

Q: What is the best part of being a senior?

A: Not having a lot of school and looking forward to college next year.

Q: What college are you interesting in attending and what major?

A: University of Scranton, biology.

Q: Who is the most exciting ice hockey player in South Jersey?

A: Tom Lynch, a Bishop Eustace defenseman.

Q: What team do you want to beat the most?

A: St. Augustine because of the rivalry between the two schools.

Q: What teacher has made the biggest impact on you?

A: Mr. Milicia, who is also our assistant coach.

Q: Who is the funniest player on your team?

A: Captain Al Wooley.

Q: What Will Ferrell movie would you want to co-star in?

A: "Old School."

Q: Nicest worker in your school?

A: Lunch ladies.

Q: What book have your read more than once?

A: "Mind Gym." Q: The person in history you would like to play XBox against?

A: Any pro sports player that I can play against their character.

Q: Were you a grade school phenom?

A: I would say so.

Q: What coach taught you the most about life?

A: Keith Primeau.

Q: Who is the most interesting person you know?

A: My dad.

Q: Who is the smartest person in your school?

A: Conor Edel.

Q: What meal do you cook the best?

A: Breakfast.

Q: Where would you like to live once you start working?

A: Tampa, Fla.

Q: Do you have a cool nickname?

A: Chawc.

Q: Who famous are you six degrees connected to?

A: Mark Recchi.

Q: Best science teacher in your school to help a sportswriter who doesn't know the difference between mitosis and meiosis.?

A: Mr. Milicia.